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Wireless Network CCTV Solutions

Wireless Network CCTV Solutions

Wireless Network and CCTV Solutions

Avoid the cost and headaches of conventional network cabling in commercial and industrial applications.

Whether you need to monitor a distance of five feet or five miles SSG has you covered with our explosion proof  Wireless IP Camera System. We have installed wireless networks and camera systems all over the country in both analog and digital. We can custom design and/or build your wireless system based on your unique requirements. Your system may not be as complex as an airport, but wouldn’t you like to know the person you are hiring has the experience and know how!

Because today’s technology introduces a multitude of frequencies into the communication air waves, it is vital for you to know that the system you purchase will not interfere with your existing equipment, such as Wifi networks or other wireless cameras systems. Our technicians work closely with you to ensure that the your Wireless IP Camera System works seamlessly with your existing equipment. Our implementation process gives you the security that your wireless system will be as secure as those we installed at airports. Your video will not appear on a baby monitor or car backup camera monitor which is very possible if the system is not secure.

Our experienced network engineers can work with you to create a dependable wireless network surveillance system using IP Cameras, IP Camera Servers, Remote Access Digital Video Recorders and Digital Analytic Controllers. Our wireless network solutions range from simple short range WiFi  to a 5 mile multi-point systems. Many of our systems have been installed in complex environments and put to the test in extreme conditions.

We are experienced installers of Radwin, Alavarion, and Proxim wireless network bridges.