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Tracking IP Camera Systems

Tracking IP Camera Systems


Cameras that track People, Vehicles and Objects

For years, this was the best view of a parking lot you could For years, this was the best view of a parking lot you could came up with a solution and a complete line of analytic video achieve without installing a multitude of cameras. This required a encoders that not only detect motion but allows cameras to track people and vehicles as they enter a given perimeter.

Carmax, one of the largest car dealers in the nation, quickly embraced this technology
to secure their large parking lots from thieves and vandals. The department of homeland security, military, and our nations borders also use this technology. These systems are so sophisticated they can actually talk to one another and pass a subject from one camera to the next. We have begun using this technology to monitor parking lots to improve employee security.

Why is people tracking so important?

Larger clients find this technology as an invaluable tool to reducing parking lot theft as well as the number of employees damaging each others vehicles.  Tracking IP Camera Systems or Tracking PTZ cameras quickly identify movement and zoom into the subject for identification and detailed observation.

If you own or operate a building where people can be injured, tracking camera systems are a must. People love to sue and look for every opportunity. Attorneys look to make everyone they can, pay. So if a person were to fake a slip and fall in the picture above, would a jury be able to determine if they faked it. By having the camera on the subject, you can see if they are looking around ( or throwing eyes). You can easily determine if they checked to make sure that there was no one looking. You can also determine if there was something on the ground that could have caused them to slip or if they were just clumsy. Wouldn’t you love being able to end a million dollar lawsuit with video of a guy tripping over his untied shoe laces?