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Is your spouse or partner having an affair or visiting online dating websites?

Professional Investigation Services

Private Investigations are necessary to obtain evidence in business disputes, human resources issues, and most domestic situations where the parties can’t agree. Surveillance Specialist Group is a licensed, full- service private investigations agency with over 40 years of combined investigative experience. We have worked on all types of cases. The only thing matters to us is  assisting “our client” in obtaining the evidence they need. The majority of our cases are civil and criminal matters wherein the police can’t help.  We are also experts in infidelity investigations and catching cheating spouses.

Our clients rely on us to provide them obtain information they can’t legally obtain on their own. Others rely on our private investigators that are also trained computer forensics experts to uncover evidence that is electronically obscured to the lay person. Essentially all matters today are electronic discovery ( eDiscovery or e-Discovery ), whereby the evidence is stored on an office computer,  home computer, or mobile device. Only a trained expert in Computer and Mobile Forensics can uncover these digital artifacts. Most notably in cases whereby the subject has intentionally hid evidence of infidelity, theft of intellectual property, or financial assets. Many of our criminal investigations are instances where the client doesn’t have enough information to involve the police. Other cases involve clients that were wrongfully accused of a crime.  In both instances our private investigators are called  to locate evidence and witnesses that may not have come forward at the time of the event. Large law firms and Insurance companies rely on us to review the facts of  police reports, obtain additional evidence, or document an alternate truth. Our private investigators, detectives, and forensic examiners are experienced in looking at the fine details. We are tenacious and  pursue every possible lead and will do what it takes to do the job right the first time.

Private Investigator ROI!

Whether you’re being sued or a victim of fraud, you are in the legal fight of your life. Don’t gamble with your future hire a licensed private investigator. In most cases evidence you locate yourself is inadmissible.  Lawyers know that Judges make decisions based on witness testimony and facts that can be admitted into evidence. Hiring a licensed Private Detective, is knowing you have someone experienced in evidence collection that can testify as a witness on your behalf.  Remember police officers, PI’s and lawyers are all people. Some people do their jobs and some don’t. Hiring a complacent or unskilled private investigations agency will not get you the results that you need. We call them billing machines. Our investigators have worked on all types of cases large and small. SSG treats them all the same regardless of the client’s economic or social status. We ask that you review our testimonials from real clients.

Our Private Investigators truly care about our clients

SSG provides our clients with the highest level of customer service available. Our client retention and referral business lets us know we are meeting the needs of our clients. Unlike some investigative agencies, we will tell you the truth about your case and won’t make excuses. We will tell you upfront if we feel our agency help you or not. We will not waste your time and money. Many times we have clients who are consumed with emotion and although we sympathize with their circumstances our services will not resolve their problems. If SSG is not the right match for you, we will help you find someone who can at no additional cost. SSG wants every client and potential client to feel that we have done everything within our power to meet their needs.

Private Investigators tip the scales of justice to your side

Private Investigators make better witnesses than family and friends

Private Investigators make better witnesses, than friends and family members.

Facts, evidence, and witnesses win cases. It does not matter if your are represented by an attorney or represent yourself (not recommended). The only thing that can help you win is a guarantee that all information submitted on your behalf was obtained legally by Private Investigator. There is no such thing as over prepared in a deposition or court room. In the alternative being blindsided by something you realizes you should have pursued, can be costly. Real court rooms are nothing like daytime television shows. A judge does not have time to hear what you believe to be true. They can only consider what is proven to be true .  Who you hire can make or break your case.  Our private investigators and forensics experts know their way around a court room.  That being said, we get the job done and in most case the other party settles. We are not saying that you need a private investigator for everything. In fact we encourage you to do your homework and be your own PI to an extent.  It is important to know where to draw the line. For example, you never want to touch digital devices. With domestic violence on the rise, it doesn’t take much for someone to obtain a restraining order against you for stalking. It’s often a tool to distract the court from the facts or buy the other party time to change facts. If you are involved in a divorce or custody battle this could be a huge setback in your case. Don’t risk following or looking up information on the other party. We encourage you to safely gather as much information as possible regarding your case before meeting with us. The more information we have reduces the amount of time needed for the investigation which results in lower costs for you. You should also remember that very time you call or meet with an attorney, keep it brief – the meter is running. The cost of an SSG Private Investigator is usually much less than that of an attorney.  By hiring us directly, you can provide your attorney with a complete package of facts, evidence and documentation relating to your case and you remain well informed on your case without costly attorney/client communications. Our investigators will gather what is needed to support your case as quickly as possible to further help you reduce your legal fees.

Custody Exchanges…….Don’t go alone!

Private Investigation services for Infidelity, Child with arguing parents. Divorce and Child Custody.

Private Investigation services for Infidelity, Divorce and Child Custody.

If you think someone is going to set you up then they probably are. We recently had a client show up for a custody exchange. His ex-girlfriend stepped out of the car with her clothes are torn and her hair is all over her head as he approached. Thinking that something was seriously wrong, our client rushed to her side to help her. To his total surprise, she suddenly began screaming, “help he’s beating me”. It took only moments for crowd to gather and at least two people claimed to be witnesses this fabricated abuse. Had our investigator not been video taping the event, our client would have gone  to jail instead of his lying ex-girlfriend. False claims of abuse are the number one trick to secure sole custody. Don’t let it happen to you! Don’t be doubted in the eyes of the court. Hire a SSG Private Investigator or visit our DIY PI page for covert cameras and rental equipment.We offer free investigative services to abused children. Contact us today for terms and conditions.

Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Investigations

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Investigator Tampa FL

We conduct sexual harassment and discrimination investigations.


Don’t add insult to injury! A sexual harassment and discrimination are often difficult because coworkers are reluctant to testify against their employers. Our private investigators are experts in covert  surveillance can necessary in documenting any unwanted actions. Our computer forensics experts and litigation support team often conducts forensic examinations on mobile devices that may contain evidence of sexting, inappropriate images, and other digital artifacts.

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