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Online Affair and the mobile computer.

computer used for online affair

Online Affair? Is the mobile computer responsible for your partners cheating?

Online affairs are becoming a huge problem for relationships because the person having the cyber affair convinces himself or herself that they aren’t doing anything wrong, since the affair isn’t physical. Throw in computers, tablets, and smart phones and the online affair can occur anytime anywhere. Our digital forensics experts have conducted hundreds of infidelity investigations that originated as an online affair. I guess you can say the online affair is the gateway drug. Online affairs almost always manifest into a “physical relationship” at some point. Our computer and mobile forensics experts specialize in catching cheating spouses that use smart phones and tablets to hide their unfaithful activities.

Online Affair and how can you spot one.

How do you know if your spouse is violating the marriage vows by carrying out an online affair?

Ten signs your partner is having an online affair are:

  1. Your partner is way to involved with the socially networking on their computer or mobile device.
  2. Passwords are changed or are no longer saved in the computer, and the history is deleted.
  3. Your partner stays up late or stays home more often so they can have privacy to text.
  4. Your partner abruptly closes web pages on the computer or mobile device when you approach.
  5. Your partner can’t leave the room without taking their mobile device with them or sleeps with it.
  6. Your partner keeps their phone on silent or vibrate.
  7. Your partner becomes confrontational or argumentative when asked why they are spending so much time online.
  8. Your partner visits chat rooms or social networking sites to search for old classmates and friends.
  9. Your partner confides with or relies on their online “friend” more than you.
  10. Your partners instantly deletes text messages or deletes text from someone you are not familiar with. This usually indicates the cheating partner is hiding the lover, under a different contacts name.

Online flirting on social networking sites, meet groups, and chat rooms almost always evolve into a physical meeting for coffee at a Starbucks. If they feel something for each other, then the physical infidelity begins. Other cheaters bypass social medial and seek out other cheating spouse on websites that are designed just for that including Craigslist. You need to know how long the online affair has been going on and how in the dark you’ve been. The more they get away with it the more they are inclined to engage in the other behavior.   In more recent online investigations or infidelity investigations we find people who have evolved into sex addicts. People who have actually posted profiles on websites for married people looking for sex

Many times acquiring an image of your partners hard drive is a covert operation. Our investigators can quickly clone the hard drive of the target computer and the subject will never know that they are under investigation. Often we meet clients near their home and can make a copy of the drive while they are doing their shopping or running errands.