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Mobile Forensics | Cell Phone Forensics |Tablet Forensics

Mobile Forensics | Cell Phone Forensics |Tablet Forensics

The truth is, we can’t put these tiny devices down. Walk into any restaurant and 50% of the patrons are looking at their cell phone instead of the person they’re with. Smart Phones have become an appendage.  These small devices have become the number one means of communication in our personal and professional lives. Because people have integrated their lives into mobile devices, they are creating a cache of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) that may be the deciding factor in any manner of legal action or domestic dispute. We provide Smart Phone Forensics | Mobile Forensics | Cell Phone Forensics | Tablet Forensics. We also provide digital forensics on GPS devices and other small electronics.


The SSG Mobile Forensics Difference

Hiring a mobile forensics expert in Tampa FL, or and other city based on price is a disaster waiting to happen. The Surveillance Specialist Difference is that we offer the best return on your investment. A company you may hire based on price alone, may only process your mobile device using one forensic tool. That tool may not be the best tool for your device or the data you intend to recover. When it comes to mobile forensics, SSG uses the best “tools” based upon the given device. In most cases we can provide results within 24 hours. SSG has invested in the same mobile forensic tools as federal and state law enforcement agencies. Our mobile forensics tools include XRY, Encase 7, Cellebrite, Access Data’s MPE Plus, Lantern, Mobile Edit, and Oxygen just to name a few.

Mobile Phone Forensics Tampa FL

Recover deleted text messages, internet activity, social media accounts, images, video, and location data. Mobile Forensics | Cell Phone Forensics | Tablet Forensics

Forensically handling these mobile devices and analyzing their data is second nature to SSG. It’s our years of investigative experience that helps our client legally obtain the devices as well as represent our findings in a court of law if needed. It’s important to note that not all “mobile forensics” examinations are the same. For example, some infidelity forensic examinations are as simple as recovering deleted emails, text, images and placing them into a report. No real analysis involved. Other mobile forensics examinations such spyware, missing person, and corporate espionage cases require extensive analysis and investigation of the records recovered. It’s SSG’s goal to always bring our clients the most cost effective solution. Though we specialize in iPhone Forensics, Android forensics and tablet forensics we also offer cellular forensics for older devices. Our consultations are always free!

Mobile Forensics Investigations Typically Recover:

• Text Messages/SMS Messages, including deleted messages
• Internet Activity
• Social Media Information
• Pictures and Downloads, including deleted images
• Call Logs and Detail Records
• Voice Messages, including deleted voice messages
• Contact Lists
• Email (Including third party email such as Gmail, Yahoo and MSN)
• Calendars and Appointment Records
• GPS and Location Data (known as breadcrumbs)
• Installed Applications (Parses 30+ 3rd party applications)
• Mobile Spyware
• Caller ID
• Logical and Physical Extractions of iOS Devices
• Logical extraction via USB and Network of Android Devices
• Pass code recovery of iOS Devices, A4 SOC and older
• Link Analysis
• File signature analysis
• Wifi Connections
• Bluetooth Connections

We have trained mobile forensics examiners. We use the same proven mobile forensics tools as the FBI and local law enforcement agenciesEncase 7.1, Lantern 4.1, MPE+, Celebrite and much more. Our equipment supports over 3,000+ phones and our procedures ensure you receive the maximum amount of data from each phone.

GPS Forensics Tampa FL Mobile Forensics | Cell Phone Forensics | Tablet Forensics

We recover GPS location data!

GPS Location Data Mapping

GPS navigations units and smart phones are essentially tracking devices. They create logs of everywhere you go as well as encode that data in videos and photos. Our mobile forensics examiners typically recovery GPS location from smart phones then present that data in easy to read reports. Smartphone’s with GPS capability can leave behind data that can be reconstructed into a “map data” that can be easily viewed in Google maps.

Smart Phone Forensics

Mobile Forensics is the leading source of information in the majority of our infidelity investigations. Years ago our clients would spend thousands conducting a surveillance on the partner. Traditional surveillance runs the risk of the subject not being active or simply not cheating that day. Mobile forensics and Computer Forensics offers the infidelity investigators as well as the client to document the subjects activities over time. Often cheating spouses incrimenate themselves with GPS artifacts, sexting, deleted text messages, emails and dictionary content. Our mobile forensics investigations start at $499 and in some cases (iOS devices) can be done remotely.

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Smart Phone Forensics | Mobile Forensics | Cell Phone Forensics | Tablet Forensics | GPS Forensics | Tampa FL