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With so many people tied to their digital devices why would you hire a private detective agency that doesn’t specialize in digital forensics? With that in mind, why would you hire a Computer Forensics or Mobile Forensics Company with no investigative experience? Most alleged computer forensics companies are not licensed.

Surveillance Specialist Group is a licensed and insured Private Investigations Agency that employs experts in the fields of Computer Forensics and Cellular/Mobile Forensics. Our forensic examiners are professionals, committed to providing low-cost data collection services. Once we have discretely preserved data, we analyze the evidence and provide our clients with detailed reports that are easy to read and understand. All of SSG’s Computer Forensics Experts have a minimum of 10 years of investigative experience as well as an additional 10 years of computer forensics experience. Our agency has the knowledge and ability to follow the evidence beyond the digital realm. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the evidence so that you can settle matters quickly by using professionals that can testify on your behalf in the event the matter goes to trial.


Here are examples of just a few questions a computer forensics examination can answer:

• Which social media sites the subject has shared personal information? • Which Web sites have been visited? • What keywords did the subject search for? • What devices if any were plugged into the target computer? • What files have been downloaded and were they copied to a portable drive? • When were files created, last accessed or modified? • What files were deleted and where can shadow copies be found? • Were there attempts to conceal, destroy or fabricate evidence? Today’s forensic tools in the hands of an experienced examiner have the ability to recreate digital events in a simple to understand timeline.

Computer Forensic Services

All operating systems and firmware store information and a number of places and formats. Emails, text messages, images and deleted information may be stored in various locations and sometimes intentional hidden by the user. Our seasoned computer forensics experts have the experience to locate these files physically and digitally. Data is not always limited to the target device, it is also stored online (The Cloud), network servers, mail servers, backup devices, laptops, cell phones, tablets, portable drives, USB devices, SD Cards and other archiving systems. SSG’s Computer Forensics Team provides you with the information technology experience needed when it comes to Digital Evidence and Litigation Support. We can help you with cases involving:

▪ Formulating a preservation request ▪ Compliance with preservation request ▪ Theft of intellectual property investigations ▪ Employee abuse of company property and resources ▪ Sexual harassment complaints ▪ Infidelity Investigations ▪ Missing Children ▪ Fraud ▪ Divorce ▪ Acquisitions and Data Collection ▪ Website and Social Media Investigations (FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) ▪ Assistance with Human Resources ▪ Internal and external Investigations ▪ Cyber Investigations. Our clients rely on us because they understand the value of electronic information even if they don’t exactly understand how it all works. They just know we understand how it can be used to their advantage in the defense or prosecution of any legal matter. Attorneys love us because we help them ask the right kind of questions at the right time, as well as not ask for things they don’t really want.

Forensic Data Acquisition and Forensic Data Collection Services:

dreamstimemaximum_11939120Computer forensic data acquisition or data collection is the process of making a forensic image from a computer hard drive or other media such as removable devices, USB thumb drive(s), CDROM, Network devices, Cloud storage devices, gaming systems and other media that electronically stores information (ESI). The forensic image is made using specialized hardware that protects the original data from being written to. SSG uses some of the fastest data collection tools in the industry to reduce your cost. Please visit our blog and read our article “The truth about forensic data collection”. SSG typically produces two copies of each forensic image at one time. In addition to saving our client’s hundreds of dollars it provides a forensically sound copy as well as a working copy for our examiner. The data acquisition process is documented with images. The forensic image is verified against the original to ensure the forensic image is an exact duplicate of the original media. Our tenacious and methodical process and procedures were developed by a forensic expert with a 100% conviction rate during the last five years of his law enforcement career. We then combined that knowledge with the resourcefulness of investigators from the private sector who have helped clients in numerous civil matters. SSG has since been regarded by its clients and colleagues as the complete digital investigations package.

Computer Forensics Tampa FL

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