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Licensed Digital Forensics Private Investigator 
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Some people think that digital forensics private investigator services are the type of thing you only see in fiction novels or movies. But in reality, plenty of people can benefit from the help of a private investigator trained in digital forensics. If you’re in need of a qualified, licensed computer forensics or mobile forensics private investigator in Tampa, FL, Surveillance Specialist Group is the place to turn. As an established private investigations and surveillance company, our goal is to help you get answers in an effective, discreet fashion. With so many people tied to their digital devices, essentially every investigation requires a digital forensics private investigator. With that in mind, why would anyone hire an unlicensed Computer Forensics or Mobile Forensics Company with no investigative experience? Our team has more than 24 years of experience in corporate, civil, and criminal investigations. Our backgrounds and training consist of Military, Law Enforcement, and the best digital forensics training from vendors such as Guidance Software and Access Data. At Surveillance Specialist Group, we understand the importance of maintaining our clients privacy. Each digital forensics investigator 
from our firm recognizes the necessity for:

Good judgment
Attention to detail

The Road to Closure is Paved with Answers

You deserve answers. You have an obligation to make decisions based on facts. Regardless of your reason for hiring a digital forensics investigator, one thing’s for sure: We’ll work our hardest to get you whatever information it is you’re looking for. So rather than spin your wheels searching for answers, turn to the experts at Surveillance Specialist Group.

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In addition to providing digital forensic investigator services, Surveillance Specialist Group also provides Information Technology and Internet Security Consulting services throughout the country. Our clients range from large airports to major retail brands. Please visit our other pages to learn how we can best serve you. To set up a free consultation with a information technology consultant 
from our firm, call us today.


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