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Workmens Compensation, Claimant Surveillance and Casualty Investigations


Workmens Compensation, Claimant Surveillance and Casualty Investigations

Our founder was one of the first investigators to go beyond the vehicle and follow claimant’s
into stores, home improvement centers, and golf courses to obtain video that blew the minds
of seasoned insurance adjusters. Surveillance Specialist Group is a full service Private
Investigation Agency that specializes in claimant surveillance and workmens Comp

Although covert video has become more common place, it still requires a trained seasoned
investigator that can operate these devices and blend into their environment without alerting
the subject.  We offer both analog and digital covert video to meet our clients needs. We
were one of the first companies to provide our investigators with redundant camera systems
to ensure that all of the claimants activities were captured. Our investigators carry no less
than five types of covert cameras and multiple Day/ Night video cameras.  Finally, all of our
investigators vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking, navigational system

Surveillance Specialist Group is a full service licensed private investigations agency. Our main office is located in Brandon Florida, however we cover the entire state.

Surveillance for all occasions

Workman’s Compensation * Insurance Fraud * Liability Cases * Sexual Harassment * Infidelity  Divorce * Prenuptial Check-Up * Alimony (Cohabitation)  Substance Abuse *Activity Checks *  Child & Elderly Neglect * Child & Elderly Abuse * Civil Cases * Construction * Discrimination Cases*Illegal Dumping * Secret Shopper * Theft of Services * Event Coverage & Security * Supervised Visitations

We provide

  • Excellent customer service
  • 92% Video Capture Rate
  • Detailed  reports returned to you promptly
  • Fully licensed and insured with 1Million /
    2Million E&O and General Liability
  • Site Photos
  • Snap Shots of Video Highlights
  • Digital Video / DV Format used for all video
  • All investigators are equipped with Day/Night
    covert cameras
  • B&W Covert (for poor lighting situations)
  • Optional unmanned surveillance for activity
  • Sample reports and video available upon
  • Background reports included with surveillance
  • Returned to you via DVD, VHS available upon

Covert Video

  • Color or Black & White
  • Completely concealed
  • Analog or Digital

Standard Surveillance

  • Hi-Resolution Color
  • Head to toe
  • In focus
  • Steady
  • Fluid
  • Acurrate Time & Date
  • Rule of thirds applied