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Warning signs of a cheating partner


Warning Signs

  • Your Partner is spending too much time on the computer.
  • Intuition, if you feel they are cheating you are probably right.
  • Won’t make eye contact with you when you ask about their day.
  • Sudden change in diet.
  • Shuts down web pages when you enter the room.
  • Working additional hours with no increase in pay.
  • Leaves the room for calls or takes call behind closed doors.
  • Suddenly joins gym or starts working out.
  • Hides cell phone or keeps cell phone close at all times, or no call log history.
  • Upgrades cell phone for PDA phone that can be used for email and instant messaging,or visit social networking pages.
  • Installs or changes passwords on computer or cell phone.
  • Becomes more argumentative and accusatory.
  • Does not answer cell phone during lunch, after work or during commute.
  • Sudden change in sex drive.
  • Suddenly purchases new clothes and begins wearing cologne or perfume.
  • Returns from physical activity showered and fresh.
  • Suddenly becomes paranoid or jealous.
  • Increased cell phone or computer activity.
  • Suddenly creates new email accounts.
  • Soap or hair shampoo smell is not the same as your home brand.
  • Takes longer to run simple errands.
  • Goes shopping often and never buys anything.
  • Some people involved in an affair may become suddenly more attentive.
  • Change in interest, hobbies or sports.
  • Increase in credit card or ATM activity for unexplained expenses.
  • They “work” or “play a game” on the computer after you go to bed.
  • Unexplained marks or scratches on their body.
  • Suddenly go from throwing laundry on the floor to hiding it deep in the basket.
  • Rushing to get the mail or hiding mail.
  • Switching phone bills, or credit card bills to paper less online statements.
  • Sudden interest in online social networking sites.
  • Showers immediately upon retuning home.
  • Changes vehicle to a vehicle that makes it more convenient for sex like a SUV or mini-van.