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Ten tips to catching a cheating partner

old mousetrap used for catching a cheating partner

Catching a cheating partner today requires a better mouse trap.

Catching A Cheating Partner

Surveillance Specialist Group investigators are experts in infidelity investigations, Smart Phone Forensics and Cyber affair investigations. If you are not extremely computer savvy please hire someone. Trying to snoop on your unfaithful partners smart phone or computer will only tip them off that you have become suspicious to their actions. This will make them harder to catch. In efforts to continue living both lives they’ll just shift their activities to a another mobile device or a work computer(which you won’t have access to).

Most snooping wives get caught because the e-mails appear to be read when they should be new or the history isn’t shows website that were not there before or out of sequence. If you refuse to take our professional advice here are some things you can do. Warning, These tips will create the optimal environment for you or our investigators to review what the cheating spouse has been doing online, if they are using a home computer. If you think they are using their smart phone. Call us, we can help!

  1. Set the browser “Cache” to maximum size. This will increase the amount of web data that is left on the hard drive. Here are examples for “Internet Explorer” and “Mozilla’s Fire Fox”. 1024 is usually the max for IE.
  2. Set the browser to auto save passwords without prompting. In IE you can go to Tools>Internet Options>Content Tab>Auto Complete, Settings. In the box check off everything but “Prompt me to save passwords”. This will save auto complete information and passwords without alerting the user. You will have to look up similar settings for other browsers.
  3. Make sure the browser is not set to “Auto Delete History” when the browser is closed.
  4. Use the registry instead of the web browser to view Internet History. Start>Run>Type Regedit>Goto
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs. This way you can look at
    the websites visited without opening the browser. If it was deleted your spouse has already erased
    some of their tracks and you need a professional.
  5. Make backup copies of their cookies, History, and Temporary Internet files and save to a location on
    the computer that they won’t find or to a USB Thumb Drive. You can use a different computer to
    review them later.
  6. If you have a drive that backs up your data, set the temporary Internet files to be backed up.
  7. Do not snoop on their computer. If you really want to catch them cheating give them rope to hang
    themselves. Go out more with your friends, kids, or family. Do not show any interest in their online
    activities. Don’t use Spy-ware or key loggers they expose your personal information to the Internet.
  8. If you know their passwords go to the library or use your work computer to read their e-mails or log
    onto their social networking accounts. Make sure you mark the e-mails as unread when you are done.
  9. Make sure that if you don’t normally use the computer to put everything where you found it including
    the chair, pencils, and items on the desktop. They may have left things a certain way to detect if you
    have been snooping.
  10. Stop reading and call us at 877-787-7075 for a free consultation. We are infidelity Experts!