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Proactive Approach To Insurance Fraud with Surveillance Video Footage

We recently discovered a client posted video footage from one of our cases on YouTube. We were asked to consult on the case after two other agencies attempted to obtain video footage of the subject and failed. One investigator was hired by the insurance company and the other we believe was hired by the law firm. The doctor who having lost his license for malpractice, hired us directly.  You can see the results for yourself.

Not all private investigations agencies are the same. Some investigators hate surveillance and others just are not good at it. As a professional, business owner, or someone involved in a car accident where you may be sued, you should always consider being proactive and hiring your own private investigator to obtain surveillance video footage of someone you think is lying about their injuries. The sooner the better, in most cases.  Early in my career I was retained by a construction company who paid breathtaking numbers into their workmen’s compensation insurance. As soon as an employee claimed an injury, we were at their house the very next day. We often caught them working side jobs or staycationing with the family. This proactive approach lowered our clients cost significantly.