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Cyber Bully Investigator

Cyber Bully Investigator

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The web is a great source of information as well as a double edged sword. Social media can make or break your home life as well as your business. Unfortunately evil, and often jealous people can use social media to post negative, mean and often hurtful information as well.

Google provides a free service called “Google Alerts”, which is very easy to setup and use.  Google Alerts, the worlds leading search engine will notify you anytime someone posts anything about you, your children or your business on the web. As you know our teens don’t always tell us if they are being cyber bullied. Now you don’t have to wait for them to tell you, Google will. The business owner  can have the negative item removed by contacting the party and resolving the issue.  If that doesn’t work you can contact the site the post was made on or take civil action if needed.  At minimum you can post something that responds to or counters the negative press.

Our Computer / Mobile  Forensics team provides cyber investigations to help you track and locate people on the web as well as their activities

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