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iPhone Forensics Investigation Expectations

iPhone Forensics Investigation Expectations

At Surveillance Specialist Group our client’s success is our #1 priority. The best way to create a happy client is to set the expectation from the start. Below is a list of items that our clients can expect from an iPhone forensics. We always ask our clients to understand that we spend a great deal of money on the best forensics tools and training. Our fees for iPhone forensics are based on our iPhone Forensics expert’s time spent trying to recover the items our client hopes or believes is on the device. When a phone is submitted to us for an iPhone Forensics examination we have no idea what’s on the devices until after we conduct our examination. It’s our policy and procedure to process each iPhone Forensics case through a minimum of three forensics tools before we deem the desired information as unrecoverable. Despite the additional hours spent on avoiding a negative result we stick to our flat rate price, which is among the lowest in the industry. Simply stated Surveillance Specialist Group should be your first choice in iPhone Forensics.

Items you can expect from an iPhone Forensics:

iPhone submitted for forensics examination.

What information should you expect from an iPhone Forensics examination?

• Contacts

• Calls
• Voicemail

• SMS/MMS (including deleted)

• Notes

• Calendar
• Internet
• Gmail Webmail • Yahoo Webmail • E-mail
• Cookies
• Skype
• Dictionary
• Maps
• Voice Memos
• Face Book
• Locations
• WiFi
• Camera
• Media
• Usage
• Documents
• Timeline
• Bookmarks
• Breadcrumbs
• Whats App
• Plugins