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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

Recovered Data From Plane Crash

They recovered the plane, our data recovery experts recovered the data from it’s hard drives.

We recover data and provide computer forensics services on all types of media including but not limited to:

  • Hard Drives (IDE, SATA, eSATA, Laptop, Internal, External, Camcorders, DVR’s, etc.)
  • Optical Disks (CD, DVD & Cartridges)
  • Iomega® Brand Zip, Jaz Disks, & Floppy Disks
  • Servers and Multi-disk Arrays
  • MP3 Players & IPods
  • Solid State Hard Drives
  • Digital Cameras and Memory Cards
  • Flash Memory, SD Cards, SDHC, Compact Flash, Sony
  • IBM™ & Toshiba™ Microdrives
  • Cell Phones, PDAs, Black Berrys, Sim cards & Internal Memory
  • Databases, E-mail Servers, Web Servers, Internet Sites,
  • Fax Machines
  • Digital Answering Machines

We work with all data recovery scenarios including, but not limited to:

  • Deleted data and lost files
  • Hard drives not mounting on the desktop or not being recognized by the operating system
  • Drives that make clicking patterns
  • Drives with burned chips on the logic board
  • Drives that won’t spin up due to electronic failure or frozen spindles
  • Invalid catalog trees or FAT table partitions
  • Drives that were ghosted with another operating system
  • Drives with physical damage, such as being dropped
  • Drives with fire or flood damage
  • Other problems such as formatted disks or virus attacks
  • Encrypted files

We also provide Computer Forensic Examinations and Civil Investigations to uncover all types of evidence, including but not limited to:

  • Unlocking of Word, Excel, MS Access and Outlook PST files
  • Uncovering and exposing of online stored passwords
  • Identifying persons and activity on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook
  • Locate assets and bank accounts on computers and hard drives
  • Recover deleted photos from storage media and cell phones
  • Recover call logs and text messages from cell phones
  • Monitoring of employees misusing corporate assets and Internet privileges
  • Monitoring and uncovering all computer activity historical and real-time
  • Uncovering expenses and online transactions
  • Cyber investigations (Cheating Spouses, Teen Activity, Divorce, Email Tracing, and much more)

Why you should use a professional for data recovery

While conducting a data recovery and computer forensics on a divorce case, we discovered that our clients 40 year old wife had been having an affair with a 16 year old boy who had been working for her. They had been communicating via MySpace and AOL instant messaging. Had the client not hired a professional computer forensics examiner from a licensed private investigation firm, this evidence would have been inadmissible in a court of law.  Therefore, SSG knows the importance of treating every computer forensics or data recovery matter as if it were going to trial. We adhere to the highest standards in the retrieval and examination processes. We use hardware that protects the subject media to prevent evidence from becoming tainted or corrupted. Today’s Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) and Cell Phones are simply portable mini computers. Many people rely on them and store all types of important data about their lives and activities. Contacts, Call Logs, Calendars, Emails, Text Messages, and GPS data are all stored on internal memory and SIM cards. Our Mobile Phone Forensics Experts can help you retrieve this important personal information and forensically preserve it. We also preform an upfront analysis for our clients to ensure that device that needs data retrieval is not a “logical” unit because deleted data may not be recovered under any circumstances on such a device. Our PDA & Cellular Phone Forensic cases range from busting cheating spouses to documenting an employee abusing corporate assets and fraud, just to name a few. Other cases involve recovering data for civil litigation (eDiscovery). Many of our clients have begun to acquire company assets from their employees to protect themselves from future claims and litigation prior to and after termination. Don’t be fooled by other Private Investigators who are inexperienced and can actually lose your data; damage the device; or use procedures that will make the recovered data inadmissible. SSG offers you the lowest price for our licensed services in comparison to our competitors. We price our services based on the device and the data reporting needs of the client – you only pay for what your need! Please call for details. [gravityform id=”3″ name=”Data Recovery Services Form”]