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Counter Surveillance, TSCM, De-Bugging & Anti-Wiretapping

Counter Surveillance, TSCM, De-Bugging & Anti-Wiretapping

Paranoid or Bugged?

Debugging services provided by licensed private investigators with more than 20 years of counter surveillance experience.

Are you under surveillance? We have the best technology, training, and experience. We know how to conduct counter surveillance without alerting the other party of our presence. For most private investigative agencies, it’s about putting on a show, to make the client feel as though they received what they’ve paid for. For us it is about our reputation and truly finding the method in which the information is being lost. Our technicians have experience in all aspects of modern technology. As a result we know what belongs on the inside of your phone, TV remote or laptop, and what doesn’t. Being the best at surveillance also makes us the best at counter surveillance.

Today’s technology and conveniences make it very easy to conceal a multitude of audio, video, and computer recording devices in watches, eyeglasses, and ink pens. While most people are looking for that freak at the gym with a cell phone camera, they’re missing the co-worker with a wireless camera (in his oversized shoes) videotaping beneath their skirts. Technology has provided software that can turn any laptop into an audio surveillance device that email’s the targets conversations over the Internet. With the average cost of a wireless camera (which can be hidden in almost anything) at about $50, these devices are showing up in some very disturbing places. The low cost and availability of these covert devices to the general public, has significantly increased the likelihood that you can easily be monitored by almost anyone, anywhere, surreptitiously. In some cases these photos and videos are being shared or sold on the Internet to other perverts.

Common Types of Illegal Wiretapping:

Wireless Audio Devices * GPS Tracking Devices * Wireless Hidden Cameras * Blue-Tooth Device Hacking *Screen Recorders * Digital Audio Recorders * Phone Taps * Email Monitoring (does not require physical access to your computer) *Remote Computer Monitoring * Keystroke Loggers * Micro digital Video Recorders * Microphones hidden in ceilings and floors * Nanny cameras * E-mails bombs * Computer Spy-Ware * Hacked Laptop Microphones that can send your conversation as an email via MP3 * Telephone Recorders * Hacked Web-cams * Spyware

There are a million and one different ways to gain access to your professional, personal and financial life. Everything you own can and will be used against you. Unless you’re a caveman or you live under a rock, you are being watched and monitored daily. Now with eBay and other online resources anyone can gain access to spy equipment that the CIA would have killed for 20 years ago.

Our technicians are the best in the business. Highly trained “Technical Counter Measures Specialist,” computer technicians, information technology experts in networking, hardware and software. Counter surveillance experts spend countless hours researching the tools and methods used by legal and illegal spies.

Global Positioning

GPS satellites are used to track your cell phone, car, and radio.


Cameras are everywhere, some you can see and some you can’t. Look up
the next time your driving from home and count the traffic cameras. For every bank there is an ATM camera. Many police departments use “license plate
recognition” cameras mounted on their cars to run your plate through a database. Airports and other locations have implemented facial recognition.

Tracking Devices

Tracking devices are getting cheaper and cheaper. For around $200 plus $14per month anyone can track your vehicle. Software can be purchased to track your cell phone

Vehicle Data

Your car is a great source of information. Your car’s computer can tell
the police or an accident investigator a lot of information if you are ever
in an accident. Things like how fast you were going, when and if you hit
the brakes, if you were wearing your seat belt, if the radio was on, and if
the windows were up or down. If you have On-star or a similar system installed it could log your travels even if you have never activated it. In the near future your car will know what the speed limit is and will report you when you speed. You will receive a ticket in the mail.

Get Informed

Everyone you meet can instantly turn into a spy in seconds. Almost every cell phone has the ability to take pictures, record movies, and record conversations. Anyone can buy a digital recorder, bugs / wireless audio transmitters, or wireless cameras. Recently we have found pre-paid cell phones hidden in lamps, with the ring set to silent, and programmed to auto-answer.

  • Sun-Pass, EZ-Pass, and other prepaid toll conveniences can be accessed to document your travels.
  • Cell Phones can be tracked and monitored via GPS. Free software can be downloaded to hack into your phone via “Bluetooth” technology which will give a person access to your address book, e-mails, and text messages, even allowing them to make calls on your calling plan. Bluetooth headsets can be listened in on. Data stored on the phone can be recovered by forensic specialists. Law enforcement now has the means to copy all of your data in seconds in the field, even information that you’ve deleted in the past.