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About Us

Surveillance Specialist Group is a full-service detective agency that specializes in all aspects of information gathering, digital forensics,and surveillance/counter surveillance. For over sixteen years, we have provided our clients with results at a reasonable price. We truly care about our clients as well as our products.

Our investigators have recorded countless hours of legally obtained surveillance video on a variety of cases ranging from general investigative services, computer forensics, infidelity, domestic violence, child abuse, insurance fraud, employee theft, sexual harassment, and much more. We are located in Brandon, Florida (near Tampa) and provide investigations throughout the state and beyond.

The SSG Difference

We have consistently exceeded the expectations of our attorney clients in both civil and criminal matters. The secret to our success is our attention to detail and our willingness to go above and beyond. We build relationships with our clients. Their loyalty has made them repeat clients as well as our greatest source of referrals.

Our agency combines technical expertise with years of investigative experience. We have the ability to recover data from computers, conduct covert surveillance, and document accident scenes. We provide executive protection and can work undercover for large corporations. Our counter surveillance teams have successfully deployed their skills in a variety of corporate and domestic matters and have yielded results where others have failed. The reason for their success is “the methodical application of technical and investigative experience”.

We have spent countless hours studying human behavior, body language, and personality markers in an effort to be as close as we can to human polygraph machines. These are valuable skills to the investigator, especially during a surveillance, interviews, and recording statements. Our investigators are very professional as well as personable; therefore, people enjoy speaking with them and share information willingly.

Please tour all of the pages on our site so that you may learn all about our superior products and services. We look forward to assisting you with all of your investigation needs.