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Data Recovery Is A Serious Business?


Data recovery is a serious business?

It’s all in there! Where you bank, where you eat, even what movies you ordered from your cable company, E-Mails, chats, websites visited and how you socially network. The vast majority of business and legal documents (about 90%) are all created and transmitted on a computer. Spend a day with one of our forensic investigators or data recovery specialists and you’ll fear ever using your computer again. They are in the business of uncovering things people forgot or thought they’d deleted.

Computer Forensics and Data Recovery is a serious business. Please do not attempt tricks that you read on the Internet like dropping the drive or freezing your hard drive. Do not install any software to the drive you wish to recovery data from as you may write over the very files you seek to recover. It won’t work and you can further damage the drive. If you are looking to have data recovered and produced pursuant to a civil or criminal investigation, it’s important to choose the right company from the start. It’s also important to immediately disconnect the computer or device from the network (Internet), unplug the power or remove battery source. Never attempt to install recovery software on the system that you need to recover data from. Call us or another competent professional.


The courts have strict rules with regards to how electronic data is acquired, uncovered and retained. The chain of custody needs to have
as few links as possible. We are experienced in investigations and have testified in court as experts. Our Computer Forensics team
adhere to the United States Department of Defense’s standards when obtaining and researching electronic evidence. Our data recovery
team has experience in recovering data from a multitude of memory storage devices for large and small criminal and civil cases. We are
very discrete and professional and will work with you to recover the files you require using tools that will ensure they will be admissible in
any court.

Important ! Rules for recovering data from a cellular phone or mobile device.

  • If it’s on, leave it on. Keep the battery charged via wall adapter or car charger.
  • If it’s off, leave it off. Turning the phone on can cause it to erase files and logs which may contain the data you are looking for.
  • If possible place the phone in airplane mode or remove the antenna so that the phone can no longer send or receive data or calls which can overwrite evidence.